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Light your inner fire, live your truth

A bit of background

Just like the planet needs the fire to renew itself, also the human spirit needs fire, since we are intimately connected to the earth we live on.

Through Peggy Dylan and the SUNDOOR School of Transpersonal Education Firewalking ( firewalking was brought into the public eye and could re-emerge in the Western culture as a practice for people who are exploring consciousness and personal power.

Compared with the intensity of the other culture's firewalking ceremonies, ours is a rather mild affair. That statement is not meant to deny the transformative experiences people have firewalking in the western cultures, as the depth of healing, inspiration and life-altering change is truly remarkable. It is merely meant to point out that we are just beginning to explore the inner fire of spirit and that we have little to no history of ecstatic practices within our culture to draw on. We don't gather with our families in town squares for communal healings, wild, rollicking dances around fires, or exhilarating ceremonies of devotion and thanksgiving to the Infinite. Our Puritan Christian past has all but eliminated our capacity for transcending the mundane and reaching beyond our human experience into healing altered states.   

Peggy Dylan sees the firewalk as the budding of these practices within our culture, an affirmation of our capacity to tap that inner source of energy: Energy, N/um, chi, prana, ki, life-force, by any name, is that fire of spirit, the inner fire: fire which our accepted cultural behavior and many established religions have attempted to snuff out. And we see the results of it, we live in a community of people where fire suppression has been practiced too long, a society packed with ignitable tinder, people ready to explode at any moment, where violence is a way of life.           Nature is teaching us that our wild lands need to burn for renewal and, in the same way, we human beings need to renew ourselves by allowing the inner fires, the fire of spirit, to burn passionately.

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A bit of background

Practical application

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In our modern world we live exposed to a lot of distractions that dissolve our focus. During the workshop we learn to regain our innate capacity to focus our energies and actions in order to be the masters of our destiny and create the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Firewalking helps us to transform our deep seated fears, negative emotions and limiting beliefs into inner strenght, trust in ourselves and empowerment. They become the engine, our source of energy, that makes it possible to make those things we’ve only dreamt about become real.

Fire burns – that is a deep seated belief in the collective unconscious. When we see someone else walk over hot coals or when we walk over hot coals ourselves we shake this belief to its deepest core and we learn on a deeper cellular level that WE CAN DREAM AND WE CAN MAKE OUR DREAMS HAPPEN. We also deepen our connection to the divine, to the forces of the universe, to our deepest core, to our soul.

Many participants come to a firewalk seminar in a moment of their lives, where they are facing a challenge and they want to gain strenght and energy to face it, others come to expand their limits, change old habits, ecc. There are many reasons why people come to a firewalk and we find that it is people from all agegroups and from all walks of life:

Adolescents, artists, students, employees, professionals, entrepreneurs, professors, doctors, mothers, grandmothers, just to name a few, and many kids, they all come…

… and they are all able to do it!!!

Firewalkseminars are a gift for all those who...


Firewalking makes sense if you take what you learn and apply it to your everyday life and confront your fears,change old habits and behaviors, start something new, dare to jump into your own business, independent income creation, walk on a new path, deepen your understanding about the power of teamwork and the possibility of co-empowerment for all involved ecc.

Do you need any special knowledge?

No you don’t need special knowledge or special skills, all you need is already present within you, maybe you are just not aware of it yet!

Locations: Italy, Slovenia, Germany and where ever you would like!

Practical application


Firewalking – What for?
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