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More and more companies organize Firewalkseminars for their employees and management. This is a way to create greater teamspirit, motivate everyone to give their best and create a positive environment in the company, where cooperation and co-empowerment are part of the understanding of the whole crew. We adapt our seminars to your specific requirements to assure the maximum success for your endeavours.

Firewalking is a very deep and stimulating experience that involves the body, the mind and the emotions and teaches us how to use the power of our minds to reach our goals and create our reality (See Gregg Braden). It helps us to rediscover our hidden potential, to raise our self-esteem and to believe in ourselves.

We have talents and skills that we are usually not aware of and that would truly surprise us if we can access them. The power of teamwork is recognized as a very important factor for the success of any company but often fears and improductive emotional patterns make effective teamwork difficult.

Competition is very present in the corporate environment and in daily life creating stress, separation and conflicts that have a negative long term impact on the productivity of every single co-worker and create dis-ease and insatisfaction.

By truly understanding the philosophie and the potential of “Win – win situations” (if I win, you win to) that substitutes the old paradigm “If I win, you loose” it becomes possible to create a co-empowering environment for everyone.

Through specific exercises we will learn how the success of every single person contributes to the success and the well-being of everyone else and that cooperation and support are the basic foundation for collective quantum leaps.

Only when we become capable of sincerely appreciating the success of others we become capable of tapping in our own deepest potential, develop our qualities and give our most authentic contribution.

What we will learn:

The different exercises and processes developed by SUNDOOR School of Transpersonal Education help to go beyond inner and outer limitations, strenghten teamspirit and cooperationskills and dissolve limiting beliefs and emotions. They inspire, teach more flexibility and the power of vision. These processes strenghten the capacity to assume 100% responsibility for oneself and support the ability to use creativity for longterm results.

In his book “Der Tao Index” Chuck Spezzano decribes with great clarity the challenges that the businessworld needs to confront in the 21 st century. He explains how the ego-strategies that have been the driving force in our daily life and in globalisation will not function anymore in the near future. He also explains how the success of a business will be strongly related to the personal development and growth of all the co-workers of a team.

Are you ready to take a risk and try unconventional methods in order to create space for excellence?

If the answer is “Yes!” I will be very happy to serve you and your team!

Contact me to discuss your needs and your vision!


Firewalks with Marion are deep and profound experience that bring peace, visions and stability to those that dare to make the step. Her sparkling, joyful energy and leadership skills stay with you long after the event and help you integrate the gifts into your daily life. Simply wonderful.

Violeta Bulc
entrepreneur and innovator